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About TechnoRepair

We are a computer repairs service company based in Washington, DC, serving the needs of small businesses and individuals, in areas of computer purchases, computer setup, home networking setups and installations, software installations, troubleshooting and hardware upgrades. We have a team of experienced computer professionals who major in computer help desk, technical support, hardware maintenance, system software and applications.
We have experience in Windows setup, configuration, upgrades,data recovery and data secure deletion. Clients call upon us, for things like replacing network cards, upgrading memory, data recovery from a malfunctioning hard drive, file transfers.. We have always been prompt to provide help, because we know that if you depend on your internet connection to function, you cannot wait days, to have a network configuration problem fixed.

So, next time that you think of quick, efficient, friendly and low-cost service, please give up a call and consider your problem solved.