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Everybody is online. The internet is really the new normal. Since it started pervading our life routines, we’re finding ourselves more and more involved with work, social interactions and business transactions. Since its inceptions people had started voicing concerns about issues of privacy and security. In the real world we have a comforting feeling of safety with the things that we own or interact with physically. When you lock the door to your house or apartment, lock your car or put your wallet into your pocket, you don’t normally worry sick about a burglar, a pickpocket or someone stealing your car. Though bad things happen in the real world, we’ve been so used it that based on statistics, the likelihood of theft is so slim that we hardly think about it.

Online, you have some information that you want to keep private, some information that you want to keep confidential. If that info was locked in a vault with the key in your chain, you’d certainly feel more secure than having just a string of letters and numbers to lock it out of prying eyes. What if the bad guys guessed your password? When you buy a security key, the only major difference from an ordinary key would be the cost. If you want to secure your data online, you need a stronger password. Studies have shown the in terms of online security, the weak link is the human factor. We don’t always properly secure our data because of ignorance or negligence.

If you’re in business, data breach can be costly in terms of monetary losses or disruption to your productivity. We at technorepair have a growing awareness of the many challenges our individual an business clients face in order to get a full grasp of all the issues of cyber security and the best practices to implement to have a safe online experience. We will analyze your operations and assess your requirements to provide you with solutions that are uniquely tailored to you. We provide solutions that are practical, efficients and studied around your budget, big and small.