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Computer Services

Our team of experienced computer repair professionals are skilled to provide you with computer services in the following areas:

Computer Sales and Support

If you are in the market for a new computer, don’t go it alone, seek advice from a computer professional. We can provide you with the best technical help to determine what type of hardware and software are most suited to your needs and budget. That may save you money.

Computer Setup and Installations

Once you have taken your new computer system out of the box, our experienced computer professionals can take care of your computer setup, installation, check for needed and available software update for better performance and added security. Plus, your tech support is only a phone call away.

Computer Repairs and Maintenance

Your computer is supposed to work properly but it may incur system freezes, software conflicts, hard disk problems. You may experience problems going online, or connecting more than one computer. Technorepair can help make hardware and software troubleshooting, repair and maintenance hassle-free at a low cost.

Computer Networking and Security

If you are using more than a computer at home or for business, you will benefit from having them networked, so that they can share the same internet connection. Connectivity raises the issue of computer security, computer viruses, spyware and adware. a Technorepair professional can answer those questions and give you peace of mind.

Computer Training and Education

We have the skills to provide adult learners with specialized computer education in home settings or group settings. If your office workforce needs training on specific software and you cannot afford the fees of consulting firms, Technorepair can tailor classes to your schedule and budget.