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In keeping with our desire to be of better service to our faithful customers, we’re glad to announce that we’ve been expanding into sound systems. Imagine you have an event or a meeting that requires a speaker to address a wide audience.  We know that you’re already busy with your planning on top of your daily activities. Why not leave the worrying to us? All we need from you is a short consultation so that we know a few details about the venue, location and the average number of people in attendance, then we will take care of the rest.  We will provide you with all the logistics that you will need in order to be operational, checked to work perfectly the first time.

We provide:

  • sound system for small, medium and large venues
  • Home audio speakers
  • Receivers
  • Sound bars system
  • Home theater system
  • Wireless or Wired subwoofer

On top of that, we have a staff of qualified personnel to ensure that all of the elements work well together and are on the ready to trouble shoot any issues that may arise.

So for your next event, if you want a sound setup that will work flawlessly, think technorepair. We provide technology solutions for busy people!